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Senior Front End Developer

At Alata we work for the good of the product which in turn serves our customer and drives their success. Our work revolves around two areas: building out our Alata LINK product as well as supporting clients with their application development efforts. We work with an interest in growth – of our skillsets, our product, our customers, our team and ourselves. We support our team members skillset growth through encouraging continual learning opportunities. Our team is made up of several different disciplines: developers (front-end, back-end and full stack), product owners, designers, quality assurance, and support. You may be the next person to join us!

Alata is looking for a front end developer who will help us build high quality and user focused front ends that have a modern and maintainable code base. Your experience working with one of the modern front end frameworks (ex: Angular, React, Vue) will be key to your success, and any time working with the many tangentially related technologies (ex: Typescript, SASS, Jest, Redux) are a big asset.

Apply here or send us an email at describing what technologies you are passionate about along with your resume. We believe there are great candidates out there and applications emailed directly and with a personal note will be given priority treatment.

Alata is based in Edmonton, Alberta, but this posting is open to applicants living anywhere in Canada and this position may be eligible for a remote working arrangement.

Our values speak for themselves and are the backbone of what we do: Integrity, Respect, Commitment and Passion. Our ethos informs how we approach each other and the work we do: we Teach each other, we Grow together, and we Diversify wherever practical in order to have a strong team and a strong product.

Required Experience

  • 2+ years working with a front-end Angular js framework
  • 2+ years working with Typescript
  • Experience making requests/working with HTTP APIs
  • Very capable implementing user interface and interactions using CSS and JavaScript that match the design direction provided by a designer
  • Post-secondary education, ideally in a programming related discipline
  • A good sense of how to structure code with long term maintainability in mind
  • A collaborative team member who contributes to and listens to others and believes in choosing ideas that are appropriate for the customer/product priorities

Asset to your application

  • Have developed front-end automated tests (both unit and end to end) and have worked with front end testing frameworks similar to jest and/or cypress
  • Personal projects that can be seen on github etc
  • Being comfortable with git
  • An understanding of how to bring design systems to life and extensive use of repeatable components
  • Enjoy working alongside a designer to implement a compelling UX
  • Experience working from provided wireframes and/or mockups of different levels of fidelity
  • An understanding of CI and CD practices, and basic awareness of how DevOps pipelines work
  • Experience working with Agile practices
  • Experience working with query languages like oData and GraphQL
  • Experience working with AWS or Azure
  • A strong knowledge of redux patterns and rxjs (functional reactive programming library)
  • Legacy AngularJS experience

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